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VentureStart Fundraiser

SARTA has launched a fundraising challenge for the last quarter of 2013 to prove the regional commitment to Sacramento’s tech community and underscore Pacific Gas and Electric Company award decision. This effort is a 2:1 match of the $25,000 Economic Vitality Grant recently awarded by PG&E.  Funds raised will strengthen and improve VentureStart’s impact on high-potential, early-stage entrepreneurs seeking to launch and grow their companies in the Sacramento region. Please join the growing list of visionaries that have already contributed and help meet our goal of an additional $50,000.    


Sacramento Angels    

The Sacramento Angels have partnered closely with SARTA and VentureStart, and a number of our Angel members participate actively as mentors to firms within the VentureStart program. VentureStart has provided a path for firms that aren’t yet ready for Angel funding to get qualified advice and coaching, to improve their business proposals to the point where they’re more-ready for consideration by our investors.

John Selep, Selections Chair, Sacramento Angels


VentureStart, and our mentor in particular, has connected us to very valuable resources including our new CEO who helped us bring in a large new partnership with a division of Gannett, the billion dollar media and publishing company.  

Lisa Klinkhammer, Founder and President, SargesList, Inc.


Back when we were a young and clueless startup, we asked SARTA for some help --specifically on how to begin the fundraising process. We had a promising and half-working product, but we were broke. Our experienced mentor suggested that I just "go out there and sell something" for starters. We did... and thanks to this advice, we've been able to "bootstrap" our way to 25,000+ small businesses using our software (and counting). SARTA helped us out when we weren't sure how to proceed in those early, scary days of startup life!

Brett Owens, CEO & Co-Founder, Chrometa

Glue Networks    

Glue Networks has worked closely with SARTA since our pre-funding days and has benefited greatly from the talent and expertise of the SARTA team, and has participated in many of the SARTA initiatives including VentureStart and the Leadership Series. In addition to the formal SARTA programs we have found that one of the most valuable things that SARTA brings is its extensive network of multi-disciplinary experts across the region, connecting entrepreneurs with experts, service providers, providing referrals and informal mentoring. SARTA is at the heart of the Sacramento tech eco-system.

Hamish Butler, Chief Operating Officer, Glue Networks


Participating with SARTA has helped us develop the relationships that are critical to our business success. Through SARTA, we've made connections with customers, business partners, attorneys, insurance brokers, and industry colleagues.

David Wiley, Founder, President and CTO of Stratovan Corporation

LCS Technologies, Inc.    

SARTA has been a great organization for us. It has enabled us to expand our network within the tech and local business community, as well as with emerging organizations, enabling us to share our experience. We've made valuable business connections that helped us enormously.

Steve Simonetto, LCS Technologies, Inc.