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 SARTA Leadership Series

SARTA's Leadership Series offers a wide range of hands-on seminars and educational workshops, to help entrepreneurs and business executives get the most out of their businesses.

Past Seminar Resources
Finding the Keepers – Assessing Keen Internal and External Talent09/20
09/17/2014 Hire for Success -- How To Select People Who Will Grow Your Company
08/20/2014 Go-to-Market Strategies for Tech Startups
07/23/2014 What Every Startup Founder Needs To Understand About Their Financials 
06/18/2014 Protecting Your Ideas: Understanding Intellectual Property
05/21/2014 Building Your Startup Dream Team – Who, When and How 
04/16/2014 Beyond the Logo: What Every Tech Company Needs to Know about Brand, Messaging, & PR
03/26/2014 Common Mistakes Startups Make From a Legal Perspective
03/01/2014 Fine-Tune Your Startup Pitch: A Presentation Skills Workshop
02/12/2014 Secrets of Customer Interviews: Discovering the Problems Customers Pay to Solve
01/22/2014 The Business Model Canvas: Your Roadmap to Success
11/13/2013 Leading A Successful Company
10/09/2013 How To Make Every Talk TED Worthy
09/20/2013 Anatomy of an M&A Transaction: What Every Seller Should Know
08/21/2013 Finding Your First Paying Customer, Then 10 More
06/19/2013 Mindful Leadership:  Leading for Success
05/15/2013 Lean Startups: Radical New Ways to Build Your Business Faster
04/17/2013 Top 10 Legal Mistakes Startups Make
03/20/2013 Funding Choices For Startups-From Bootstrapping To Crowdfunding
02/27/2013 Product Positioning - You Can’t Sell Without a Story
02/20/2013 Developing A Reimbursement Strategy
01/16/2013 Protecting Your Intellectual Property
11/14/2012 Leading A Successful Company
10/17/2012 Opportunities Abroad: Exporting to Grow Your Business
09/19/2012 Selecting Talent That Clicks With Your Company Culture
08/22/2012 Roadmap to a Successful 510(K) Submission For Your Medical Device
08/15/2012 Understanding Capital Structures & Equity Compensation
07/18/2012 Guerrilla PR Strategies for Startups
06/23/2012 How Entrepreneurs Can Give Stellar Presentations
05/16/2012 Rebecca Davis, Head Librarian, Blaisdell Medical Library, UC Davis Health System
04/18/2012 Funding Choices for StartUps--from Bootstrapping to Crowdfunding
03/28/2012 Quality System Implementation for Early Stage Med Tech Companies
03/21/2012 Lean Startups: Radical New Ways to Build Your Business Faster and Stronger
02/15/2012 How To Do Market Research For Your Business Plan
01/18/2012 Navigating the Brave New Patent World
11/09/2011 Leading A Successful Company: Evolving Nature and Demands of Leadership
10/26/2011 Recent and Pending Changes to the FDA and the 510(k) Process
10/19/2011 Pitching for Venture Capital
09/21/2011 Finding the Keepers – Assessing Keen Internal and External Talent
08/24/2011 Developing a Reimbursement Strategy for Your Medical Device
08/19/2011 Staying Afloat: Best Practices for Funding Your Start-Up or Small Business
07/20/2011 Cross Generational Communication
06/22/2011 Opportunities Abroad: Selling Your Medical Technology Overseas
06/15/2011 Understanding Capital Structures and Equity Compensation


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