Some Sectors for Developing Sacramento to be Leader in Technology

Some Sectors for Developing Sacramento to be Leader in Technology

There are many countries in the world that want to be the leader of technology. In this case, it is not only limited to the countries. There are also towns and cities that plan to be the great town as the center of technology development. The town wants to be region where technology is created and developed. In this case, there is North Carolina that has research triangle. This triangle becomes the places of technology invention and development. Then, Sacramento also wants to develop the same things, and even better things. With the Sacramento Urban Technology Lab, this region also wants to be the new leader and center of technology.

Clean Energy Sacramento ProgramIt is not just for the information and telecommunication technology. So far, Sacramento has some sectors to develop with technology-based development. First, it is about the energy. This region develops clean technology and energy. This case has become concerns of many countries and Sacramento has developed this sector quite well. Renewable energy has been developed and distributed to the people of Sacramento. There is Program that has been successful in distributing the clean and renewable energy and this has got award. Electric cars also become the other concern and there have been good infrastructures for this technology of transportation.

Some Sectors for Developing Sacramento to be Leader in TechnologyEducation will be important to develop Sacramento. That is why post-secondary education get concerns by this region. In this case, Sacramento State University gets important position to mobilize and develop the education. There are many students coming and studying in this university and most of the alumni get proper jobs. Even, it is said that the State University has vital roles in community in providing academia and intellectual to support the program of Sacramento in becoming the leader in technology. There are still other sectors such as life science and health care, agriculture and food system, and the other sectors.

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