Some Developments of Technology in Sacramento

Some Developments of Technology in Sacramento

Sacramento is going to make its region to be the next leader in technology. There has been North Caroline that has Research Triangle, and Sacramento wants to have the same center of technology, and even this wants to be better. Sacramento has Sacramento Urban Technology Lab (SUTL) that will be the core to develop this region into the leader in technology. This will be place where scholars, academia, government, and investors or industries come and develop this region. In this case, Sacramento has some concerns to develop and so far there have been some improvements made by this region.

Some Developments of Technology in SacramentoFor the sector of food and agriculture, Sacramento has made some researches and innovation, and it is not just for the people of Sacramento, but also for other places. So far, there have been some centers for agriculture and food sectors. There is Blue Diamond Growers that become the center for almond crop and this has provided majority of almond supply in the world. There is also Red Rooster Ag Products that provide tools and equipment for agriculture.

SunTechnics EnergyThen, there is sector of life science and health care. There are some places that become the key for this sector. There is The Jackson Laboratory that becomes institution of nonprofit research in biomedical. Then, there is also that becomes the company developing stem cells for system in harvesting. For the sector of clean technology, Sacramento has provided some improvement and innovations. Green technology is developed to develop the clean transportation and clean technology. There is Pacific Ethanol that produce and market renewable fuels that have lower level of carbon emissions. Then, tehre is SunTechnics Energy System that provides system and tools for renewable energy and this is not just for Sacramento, but it is for many countries. Even, Sacramento has become one of the few cities in United States that is ready for the electric-vehicles.

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