Preparation of Sacramento to Be Leader in Technology

Be Leader in Technology

Sacramento is going to be the new leader and center of technology. It is not just a dream, but it is going to come true since this region has great commitment in this plan. This region has great history and this history has important roles in its development. Then, Sacramento wants to make new history by becoming the new center and leader in technology.

There are many sectors that get attentions of this region and the first one is its agriculture and food system. In this case, this sector will be important to provide enough supplies and logistics for Sacramento. There are also exports done by this region. Almond becomes one of the commodity and even Sacramento becomes the biggest supplier of almonds.

Then, clean technology and energy is the next sector to develop. Sacramento is really aware that energy will have important roles since this region wants to create the region into the real center of technology, and It is not just limited to the information technology. In this case, so far there have been great results obtained by Sacramento.

This region’s program in providing and developing renewable energy and policy has got award and the effect of this program has been enjoyed by people of Sacramento. Its energy efficiency and clean energy is also implemented in development of green car. Electric ar becomes the point and this is developed well with supporting infrastructure. Even, Sacramento becomes one of the best place in US that is ready for electric car.

All of the sectors are also supported by the linking industry. This is very important for Sacramento to have linking industry to strengthen the sectors developed by this region. In this case, advanced manufacturing is developed by this region. Then, business and financial services are also developed and even this has made Sacramento into one of the largest regions with the business and financial services. entertainment and tourism also get attention in this project of linking industries since there are many potentials owned by Sacramento.

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