Plan of Sacramento to Leader in Technology

Plan of Sacramento to Leader in Technology

All countries want to be developed countries that have great technology to support the lives. Even, all countries want to be center of technology development. It is not just for the countries, even there are many cities that want to be more than just a smart city. Many cities want to be place where technology is developed and the city becomes like the hometown of technology. There are many places and Sacramento is planning to be the next center of technology. This region wants to be the technology leader. Of course, it is not a bad plan, even it can be great plan for the region to develop technology and invite many investors to come and create Sacramento to be the new leader of technology.

In this case, Sacramento has Sacramento Urban Technology Lab (SUTL). This technology lab will become the core of development for this region. This will be the source where all things are planned and all planned are going to be executed. Of course, this is not just a regular lab owned by the Sacramento really prepares the technology lab for collaboration for all kinds people. There can be places for scholars, government, academia, industry, and investors to work together in making Sacramento as the leader in technology. This is not a new technology lab, but it keeps growing.

Plan of Sacramento to Leader in TechnologyActually, it is not just Sacramento that has big plan to be leader in technology. There is North Caroline that has worked and there has been Research Triangle, and Sacramento wants to make this region like North Carolina, and even want to be better than its Research Triangle. Sacramento wants to be center where technologies are created and developed. In this case, there are some sectors that become the concern of Sacramento. It is mobility, clean technology and sustainability, internet of things and cybersecurity, food system, and other sectors.

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