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Showcase Sessions 

Key Role of Entrepreneurship Today

Andrew Hargadon
Professor Hargadon will speak about the galvanizing effect of entrepreneurship and how new and emerging companies are leading us into a new period of growth. Andrew Hargadon is the Charles J. Soderquist Chair in Entrepreneurship, Professor of Technology Management at the Graduate School of Management at University of California, Davis, a Senior Fellow at the Kauffman Foundation and Faculty Director of the Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Companies in the Spotlight

Nicolas' Garden An app and website that helps children and families make healthier lifestyle choices with easy to prepare recipes and meal plans
Bloo Solar Bloo Solar designs, develops and manufactures solar photovoltaic (PV) modules.
Inserogen Cost effective production of therapeutics for rare (orphan) diseases using tobacco plants as a manufacturing platform.
CyboEnergy CyboEnergy is a subsidiary of CyboSoft, General Cybernation Group Inc., focusing on the development, manufacturing, marketing, and services of the product lines in the energy and clean energy field.
Tule Technologies Direct wireless measurement system for measuring daily crop water usage for growers


TakeCharge: EVs Where We Work & Where We Live

This workshop is geared toward addressing practical issues and questions that building owners, property managers, local businesses and public parking administrators might have about electric vehicles (EVs) and their associated infrastructure needs.

Clean Tech Panels 

TakeCharge with EV’s

As electric vehicles move into widespread use, more issues and more opportunities are emerging. California, with 35% of all registered electric vehicles in the US, and a target of 1.5 million registered by 2025, is at the leading edge of this transformation. Find out how this amazing market is unfolding in our region and what it can mean for new businesses.

     Bill Boyce  Chris White
Andy Frank
Efficient Drive Trains
Gary Morton
Classics Gone Green
Bill Boyce
Chris White
CA Fuel Cell Partnership



Policy Driven Opportunities; An Update

California continues to be a pioneer in promoting clean technologies, and our region is no different. This session provides the latest news on carbon trading, PACE funding, new building standards, R&D funding and more. These policies are driving big business opportunities for entrepreneurs throughout the area.

Jim McGowan Micheal Nearman Ashley Conrad-Saydah John Kaufman Eric Stokes

Jim McGowan
CA Building
Standards Commission

Michael Nearman
CA Building
Standards Commission
Ashley Conrad-Saydeh
CA Energy Commssion
John Kaufman
Clean Energy
Sacramento Ygrene
Eric Stokes
California Energy
Commission EPIC






Smart Grid: Advance in Energy Storage and Demand Response

Learn about state-of-the art advances in electricity storage from SMUD and PG&E pilot projects. Also, hear about an ingenious locally-grown approach to demand response that creates new revenue opportunities for consumers, as well as how Sacramento State is deploying Automated Demand Response (ADR) to manage campus electric loads. Energy storage and demand response have become critically important new solutions to maintaining California’s power grid as rapid growth of intermittent renewable energy sources continues to affect grid management.

Emir Macari Henrik Westergaard Linda Hafar
Emir Macari
Sacramento State
Jim Parks
John Eric Thalman
Henrik Westergaard
Smart Grid Billing
Linda Hafar
Sacramento State

Ag Tech Panel

Innovation in the Ag Supply Chain 

Hear from experts across the ag supply chain -- including food production, processing, and logistics -- who will identify opportunities for technology-based innovations that can address the industry's challenges and opportunities.  Panelists will address technologies currently getting to market, and share their expertise about future technology innovations with the potential to enhance food production, processing, resource/water management, logistics/distribution, food safety, and more.

     Glenda Humiston
Tim Johnson
California Rice

Mike Maulhardt
California Institute
of Food and
Agrucultural Research

Bill Reinert
MorningStar Company 

Glenda Humiston






Changing How We Work Together: the Indy Hall Experience

Alex HillmanAlex will lead a lengthy Q&A session specifically designed help the leaders and members of our community in Sacramento explore better ways of working together, getting more work done, and creating lasting change in our cities AND our businesses. Alex cofounded one of the first and longest running co-working spaces, named Indy Hall (short for “Independents Hall”), in 2006 and has gone on to use it as a model for assisting in the building and growth of countless communities around the world since then. As a consultant, he is focused on helping build communities that are hyper-connected, highly productive, and self-sustaining. Alex will explain why co-working is less of a signal about where we work, but rather, a model for how we work together – with the ability to impact organization and communities of all sizes and types: non-profits, for-profits, public-private partnerships, and entire communities, neighborhoods, and regions.


Clean Tech Expert-Led Roundtables

Join subject-matter experts for intimate, in-depth discussions on key topics of interest in clean tech. This is an opportunity to get your own questions answered in an informal conversational setting.

Innovative Funding

Chris Chediak
Weintraub Tobin

AB32 Scoping Plan

Dave Mallory
CA Air Resources Board

Doing Business In China

Antonio Yung
City of Sacramento

Jim Rinehart
City of Sacramento

AB32 Business Opportunities

La Ronda Bowen INVITED
California Air Resources Board 

Ag Tech Expert-Led Roundtables

Join subject-matter experts for intimate, in-depth discussions on key topics of interest in clean tech.  This is an opportunity to get your own questions answered in an informal conversational setting.

Rural Broadband 

Robert Tse

Carolyn Hogg
City of Fresno

Water Efficiency

Ag Tech Policies: Making Markets

Consumer Ag: There’s An App For That

Ken Ouimet, Shopping Scout